Database Health Check

At Ralantech, we understand that a healthy database is the backbone of a smooth-running system. Database health, encompassing various facets like configuration, performance, and security, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the overall efficiency of your SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, or any cloud databases. Every downtime or slow performance may impact business revenue directly or indirectly.

Database health goes beyond mere performance metrics, encompassing factors vital for a well-functioning system:

  • Database Settings
  • Server Configuration
  • Query Performance
  • Data Safety
  • Index Efficiency
  • Data Maintenance
  • Security
  • Migrations and Upgrades
  • Availability

What a Healthy Database Looks Like? A healthy database adheres to best practices, featuring:

  • Regular Updates
  • Optimized Tuning
  • Consistent
  • Administrative Utilities
  • Normalized or Denormalized Schemas
  • Properly Created Indexes
  • Documented and Tested
  • Disaster Recovery
  • System Backups
  • Adequate Resources
  • Competent Team with Appropriate Skill Level

When to Check Database Health? Regular checks are essential, especially:

  • During Growth Mode
  • Poor system performance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • When Implementing New Software
  • After an Outage
  • As a Proactive Precaution
  • When Applications Experience Slowness

Why Check Database Health? Unchecked issues can lead to:

  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Financial Loss
  • Data Loss
  • Unwanted Downtime
  • Operational Slowdown
  • Post-Upgrade Malfunctions
  • Poor Performance
  • Malfunctioning Data Analytics

Ralantech offers a range of services, including:

  • Comprehensive Assessments
  • Customized Full-Scale Audits
  • Non-Intrusive Health Checks
  • Detailed Performance Reports
  • Prioritized Remediation Task Lists
  • Server Performance
  • Configuration Checks
  • Backup Procedures
  • Security Measures
  • Database Maintenance
  • Scheduled Tasks and Alerts

Database Health Checks Service

Ralantech offers a comprehensive Database Health Checks service for SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, SAP, Postgresql, MySql, Redshift and more. Our in-depth analysis covers configuration, security, and recovery risks. We quickly identify and address issues affecting database availability and provide evaluations on backups, recovery, storage, and performance tuning.

Database Health Check Service – Three Simple Steps:


We work closely with you to understand concerns and agree on data collection timelines, ensuring minimal disruption to your processes.

Discover and Analyze

Leave no stone unturned. We analyze operational issues, from deadlocks to long-running queries, providing a detailed picture of outstanding issues.

360° Report

Receive a comprehensive Health Check report with clear recommendations, enabling you to address issues efficiently.

Upon completion of our detailed Health Check, Ralantech provides you with:

  • Clear Recommendations
  • Areas of Concern
  • Hardware Information
  • Database Server Configuration
  • Backup Strategies
  • Database Security
  • System Updates Review
  • Performance Insights
  • Index Management Recommendations
  • Disaster recovery process

Choose RalanTech for a proactive approach to database health, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your Relational and/or NoSQL databases. Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment tailored to your business needs.

Your Database: The Engine of Your Business – Keep it Running Smoothly with Ralantech

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