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Our team of PostgreSQL database consultants has the depth of expertise you need to transform data into valuable business insights, boost customer satisfaction and increase application performance. With RalanTech as your partner, you can get PostgreSQL consulting services at a reasonable cost.

PostgreSQL is one of the most stable open-source databases globally and a top contender in the market. It can satisfy a broad range of use cases. RalanTech provides 24/7 expert postgresql support.

Enhance Your Business with our PostgreSQL Consulting Services

At RalanTech, we understand that your business is highly dependent on the PostgreSQL server database, and we know its importance. Our team of experts will optimize performance, ensuring reliability and increased efficiency.

We deliver customized enterprise level applications, including vendor-packaged ones that fit your budget. Our extensive consulting services allow you to focus on your business while we take care of your databases. You can trust us to keep your PostgreSQL server running smoothly.

With 30 years of experience, we provide full support in any situation and deliver suitable solutions, no matter how difficult. We first analyze your requirements to meet business demands effectively.

Database management

Our Comprehensive PostgreSQL Consulting Services

Health Checks

We identify issues and areas for enhancement with detailed evaluations of your applications and database systems.

Migration Services

Our team focuses on delivering seamless migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL, including cloud-based solutions.

Upgrade Services

We assist in upgrading to the latest version, so you don’t miss out on any functionalities and features.

Integration Services

Dedicated to integrating PostgreSQL with enterprise scale level applications to optimize productivity.

Implementation Services

We implement PostgreSQL solutions to meet your business demands.

Optimize Your Current Investment

We deliver plans to enhance your infrastructure at reasonable costs, ensuring you get effective solutions from your current setup.

Drive Real Business Results with Our PostgreSQL Experts

Our experienced team of Postgres consultants specializes in delivering the best solutions. We understand that different companies have varied needs, so we offer results-driven database solutions tailored to your business demands.

Our team of experts provide effective database projects across cloud migrations, integrations and implementations.

In today’s database market, many Cloud SaaS solutions primarily adopt PostgreSQL offerings. Whether it is a fully managed or SaaS installation, it requires the attention and expertise of a DBA-type resource for tasks like index maintenance, proactive monitoring, housekeeping, performance tuning, backup & recovery and cluster management.

This is why RalanTech bundles managed services with a Level 1 (L1) through Level 4 (L4) team that can handle everything from simple troubleshooting to advanced support.

What’s involved in Our PostgreSQL Consulting Service?

You demand the best from us, and we value that by providing comprehensive support through our Postgres consulting service.








PostgreSQL Database Consulting offering expert assistance and services to enhance PostgreSQL databases. It also includes disaster recovery strategy, performance tuning, security management, and care for database migrations, scaling and upgrades.

It is highly popular because of its open source nature, good feature set and reliability. PostgreSQL also supports advanced data types and wide indexing capabilities, making it appropriate for difficult queries and significant applications. Also, the active community and regular development contribute to its versatility.

PostgreSQL Consulting

Oracle Consulting Services

Our team of experienced PostgreSQL consultants specialize in ensuring businesses realize the full potential of their PostgreSQL investments. We understand that different companies have varying needs, so we can provide results-driven database solutions tailored to your business.

RalanTech’s team of experts is equipped to deliver successful database projects across implementations, upgrades, integrations, cloud migrations and more.

PostgreSQL Consulting Services

AI/ML-based Business Intelligence

Implementation Services

We help with end-to-end PostgreSQL solution implemention, to ensure your business needs are met


Upgrade Services

Assist in upgrading to the latest version, so you don’t lose out on any features and functionalities

AI/ML-based Business Intelligence

Integration Services

Specialized in integrating PostgreSQL with your organization’s many applications to streamline operations and optimize productivity.

AI/ML-based Business Intelligence

Migration Services

Seamless migration services from Oracle to Postgresql, to new platforms as well as to cloud. 

AI/ML-based Business Intelligence

Health Checks

Thorough assessments of your databases and application systems to identify issues and areas of improvement.

AI/ML-based Business Intelligence

Optimize your current Investment

We assess your current setup and deliver plans to optimize infrastructure while minimizing costs.