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Oracle Third-Party Support

Oracle Third-Party Support

WHY? Cost Savings. Oracle’s support and maintenance fees can be quite expensive, especially for larger deployments or older versions of the database software. These fees can account for a significant portion of an organization’s IT budget. As Oracle increases its support pricing over time, many organizations find it increasingly difficult to justify the high costs.

Third-party provider such as RalanTech support at a fraction of the cost compared to Oracle’s support offerings. Some reports suggest that third-party support can save organizations 50-90% on support costs compared to Oracle’s pricing.

By switching to a third-party support provider, organizations can significantly reduce their annual support and maintenance expenditures, freeing up budget for other IT initiatives or operational costs.

While extended support for unsupported versions, faster response times, and specialized expertise are also potential benefits of third-party support, the cost savings aspect is often the primary driving factor for most organizations. In today’s cost-conscious business environment, the ability to reduce support costs while still receiving necessary support and updates is a compelling value proposition.

Oracle Third-Party Support - Features

Get more out Oracle with RalanTech proven third-party support services.

  • 24x7x365 technical support
  • Emergency database support
  • License Management
  • DB migration / re-platforming support

What is Oracle Third-Party Support?

Oracle third-party support support not only help achieve long-term cost savings, but also avoid vendor lock-in. Third-party support vendors provide customized solutions with dedicated support teams in order to cater to their clients’ individual needs better than Oracle typically does.

This includes comprehensive support services and smart contract terms that give them far more flexibility while also saving money. Third-party providers are unbiased as well, which means they won’t push companies into costly upgrades or unnecessary migrations. As such, organizations can make the most out of their existing investments without limitation due to vendor lock-in fees.

Simplify your Oracle experience with RalanTech’s expert third-party support.

Oracle Consulting Services

With third-party Oracle software support, companies can benefit from efficient support, business continuity, and lasting value through cost savings for the long-term.

Oracle Third-Party Support - Benefits

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Slash Your Expenses

Save 40% with RalanTech’s cost-efficient Oracle support


Streamlined Operations

Let our experts handle the database maintenance so that you can focus on growing your business.

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Seamless Integration

Integrate solutions seamlessly with your existing infrastructure to ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.

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Stay Supported 24x7

Get expert assistance anytime, anywhere with RalanTech’s dedicated support team.

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Extend your application's lifespan

Continue using your productive, personalized and stable Oracle products for as long as you require.

Why should you choose RalanTech's Third-Party Support

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Expert Support

RalanTech’s team of experts offer quality Oracle third-party support for better data management with faster response and added flexibility


Personalized Solutions

RalanTech offers personalized Oracle third-party support services for uninterrupted critical information flow, data privacy, security, and smooth operations.

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Rapid response

RalanTech provides 24×7 Oracle third-party support for swift issue resolution, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal productivity.

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Comprehensive Coverage

From security to performance, RalanTech’s third-party support services offer comprehensive coverage for all your business needs.



RalanTech’s support plans provide flexible scaling options that adapt to changing business environments, ensuring cost-effective support

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Proven Track Record

RalanTech has a proven track record of delivering high-quality support services to organizations of all sizes and industries.


Cost-effective solutions

RalanTech’s cost-effective third-party support for Oracle enables clients to save money while enjoying the best-in-class services

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