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PostgreSQL Consulting and Support

Are you looking for a reliable PostgreSQL consulting and support partner? Look no further than RalanTech! PostgreSQL is one of the oldest and most stable open-source databases in the world, it has stood the test of time and remains a top contender in the market – even ranking third in global market share.

In today’s database market, many Cloud SaaS (and PaaS) solutions adopted their offering that includes PostgreSQL. To name a few Amazon Aurora, Azure PostgreSQL, and EnterpriseDB. Whether PostgreSQL is a SaaS installation or fully Managed Instance, PostgreSQL still requires the attention and expertise of a DBA-type resource. Ongoing tasks such as performance and tuning, Index maintenance, backup and recovery, proactive monitoring, cluster management, and housekeeping are consistently required. This is precisely why we have bundled our managed services into our offering, with a team of L1 through L4 resources who will handle everything from basic troubleshooting to advanced consulting and support.

PostgreSQL Database Support

PostgreSQL DBA Support

At RalanTech, we understand that your business relies heavily on your PostgreSQL server database, and we understand its importance. Our expert team is available 24×7 to optimize performance, increase efficiency, and ensure reliability.

From custom-developed applications to vendor-packaged ones, we have you covered. With our extensive support services, you can focus on your business while we take care of your databases. Trust us to keep your PostgreSQL server running smoothly.

PostgreSQL Remote DBA Support( DBA as a Service)

Daily Health checks

24x7 monitoring

Backup & recovery

Patch upgrades

Performance Tuning

Capacity planning

License management

DB change Support

Cost Efficiency

PostgreSQL Consulting

Oracle Consulting Services

Our team of experienced PostgreSQL consultants specialize in ensuring businesses realize the full potential of their PostgreSQL investments. We understand that different companies have varying needs, so we can provide results-driven database solutions tailored to your business.

RalanTech’s team of experts is equipped to deliver successful database projects across implementations, upgrades, integrations, cloud migrations and more.

PostgreSQL Consulting Services

AI/ML-based Business Intelligence

Implementation Services

We help with end-to-end PostgreSQL solution implemention, to ensure your business needs are met


Upgrade Services

Assist in upgrading to the latest version, so you don’t lose out on any features and functionalities

AI/ML-based Business Intelligence

Integration Services

Specialized in integrating PostgreSQL with your organization’s many applications to streamline operations and optimize productivity.

AI/ML-based Business Intelligence

Migration Services

Seamless migration services from Oracle to Postgresql, to new platforms as well as to cloud. 

AI/ML-based Business Intelligence

Health Checks

Thorough assessments of your databases and application systems to identify issues and areas of improvement.

AI/ML-based Business Intelligence

Optimize your current Investment

We assess your current setup and deliver plans to optimize infrastructure while minimizing costs.

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Why RalanTech?

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Proven Track Record
  • Experienced, Expert Team
  • Cost-Effective, Pragmatic approach
  • Flexible Contract Terms
  • Pay- per- Utilization
  • Scale up/down support on demand
  • Dedicated Project Lead
  • Domain expertise across industries
  • Transparent communication
  • Free 24×7 Monitoring
  • Anyshore resource Model
  • Knowledge Management